Exercise “IS” the medicine.

Why physical activity is important to us ?
Let see what British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine (BASEM)is saying about Physical activity

The World Health Organisation ranks physical inactivity as the fourth largest cause of global mortality
• In the UK 60-70% of our population take insufficient exercise.
• Physical inactivity is linked to many chronic health problems including cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, obesity, cancer, dementia, depression and osteoporosis
• The present cost of physical inactivity in the UK and the NHS, when indirect costs to the economy are added to health costs, has been estimated to be £8.2 billion
• Physical activity is known to be essential for improved health, preservation of function and there is evidence of prolonged life resulting from as little as 15 minutes of regular and moderate daily exercise
• Long term studies of men and women in the USA have shown a positive linear relationship between physical activity and health and conversely, a low cardio respiratory fitness level as the largest attributable factor for all causes of death
• Physical inactivity kills more than smoking, diabetes and obesity combined
• Exercise as prevention or as a treatment now features in 39 UK national guidelines

exercise is the medicine



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